Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Medical Technologists - The Unsung Heroes during Dengue Outbreaks

Society of Future Medical Technologists' Blood Letting Activity 
Seldom appreciated during dengue outbreaks, medical technologists remain to be the unsung heroes helping thousands of dengue patients in the Philippines. According to the Department of Health, dengue has reached an alarming level in different parts of the country including Greater Manila Area and Western Mindanao.

Dengue has risen to about 300% in many provinces in the country, affecting mostly children. According to health reports, each dengue patient requires about 5 to 10 donors to survive the deadly mosquito-borne disease. Doctors and nurses are on the upfront service in treating the afflicted patients. But found inside the blood banks are the hardworking medical technologists who work 24/7 to recruit donors and provide safe and quality blood to all patients.

Medical technologists may not receive the same recognition as other health care professionals but they are definitely working beyond their duty hours to be of service to all. They are truly the unsung heroes that bleed people to save more lives.


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